Our Vision

To be the preferred destination for sourcing auto components and systems in chosen geographies, creating benchmark value for Customers.

"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion." - Jack Welch

Our Mission

To provide Higher Quality product with customer satisfaction in Right Time, at Right Place and in Right Quantity at our level best.

"I think my mission is to become the greatest human I can. I know that sounds pompous, but what else do we have?" - Kathleen Turner

Our Latest Work

Latest Multipurpose Plastic Stools

About Us

CEO, Yash PlastrotechEstablished by Mr. Sunil Gosavi, Yash Plastrotech has been flourished and nurtured with great courage and against all odds to make it one of the most reputable plastic molding companies in India. The whole concept behind the establishment of this firm was putting our talents and abilities to use in a way that served others. Having stumbled into failures multiple times, we had the most important quality of rising up and fighting back.

We strived harder to prove to this society that material wealth is not the ONLY component of success. We renovated and reinforced the whole new definition of SUCCESS by living our life with purpose and having creative freedom in whatever we do. We had the courage to inspire others by bringing change in this traditional system of measuring success in terms of wealth. Our greatest glory was not in growing rich with our worthy customers but in building strong long term relationships and understanding and serving the varying business needs of our valued customers.

When it comes to QUALITY we use our skills and potential to the greatest extent and make sure we deliver you the excellent product. We know we owe you excellence and we are committed to provide you with the best we have.


Yash Plastrotech achieved ISO certification in the year 2009. We at Yash Plastrotech are committed to enhance customer satisfaction through manufacturing quality products efficiently on time continual improvement in effectiveness of quality management system. Yash Plastrotech has taken all necessary steps to meet not only the current needs & requirements of their customer but also future requirements by implementing continual improvement & cost effectiveness.


• Drawing Design and Development of Product.
• Higher Quality Product with on time Delivery.
• Polymer Solutions.