Plastic Concrete Reinforcement Spacers

Concrete Ring Spacers
Concrete Deck Spacers
Plastic End Plugs

Concrete Ring Spacers are circular spacers usually used on site as well as in precast constructions. These spacers are specifically used in vertical concrete walls and columns and are specially designed to allow the concrete flow through the spokes without blockage and with miniature contact members to ensure least contact to the formwork which further assures maximum load capacity.

Concrete Deck Spacers are uniquely designed for supporting both top mesh as well as top reinforcing bars in suspended decks. These spacers are deployed in applications where stability and strength are of utmost importance like any taller applications or the thick precast as well as tilt-up panels.

Concrete end plugs are used for watertight sealing of the cones. The advantage of using concrete end plugs delivered by Yash Plastrotech over other end plugs is that the raw material used for the manufacturing of these plugs is of optimum quality. These end plugs are designed to withstand extreme heat and pressure conditions and they are durable enough to resist other external conditions.


Available in various sizes as per customer's requirements


  • Resistant to extreme heat & pressure.
  • Perfect finishing.
  • Strong and Corrosion resistent.
  • No breakage or deformation.