Cable Tie

Yash Plastrotech pursues the aspirations of providing the customers with some additional solutions that can fulfil the requirements of a wide spectrum of applications. One such new product offered is Cable Ties. These Cable ties are used in a myriad of applications. Cable ties are secure wiring accessories that are used to hold the wires together as well as to secure bags without causing any damage.

Yash Plastrotech manufactures the superior quality cable ties that are:
Stronger: These cable ties have high tensile strength due to the design and the high quality raw material used.
Easier: The design of these cable ties facilitates easy insertion, handling and tightening.
Durable: High durability and resistance is offered to resist any weather conditions and situations.
Reliable: Provides tight locking without stretching or sliding.


Available in different sizes as required.

Material Used : PA6, PP, PVC, HD, LD etc.


  • Available in various colors
  • Used for holding wires together as well as for sealing of bags in malls etc.